Cystitis Treatment

Cystitis is the medical term for an infection of the bladder which can easily be treated by seeing an online GP. Cystitis can cause troublesome symptoms like stinging or burning when you pass urine (pee), having to pee more often than usual or having to find a toilet urgently.

Cystitis is more common in women than men but anyone of any age or gender can get a bladder infection. Cystitis is usually caused when bacteria from the bowel get into the bladder and cause an infection.

There are some things that make this more likely such as being female, sexual intercourse, pregnancy, having had cystitis previously, certain medications or medical conditions that lower the immune system or having a catheter in the bladder. Sometimes cystitis is difficult to prevent but drinking plenty of fluid, wiping from front to back when you use the toilet, passing urine after sex and wearing loose-fitting clothing and underwear may reduce the chance of you getting cystitis. If left untreated it is possible that cystitis could progress to an infection of the kidneys (pyelonephritis) which is more serious. If you have severe pain in your back or stomach, back pain under your ribs or a fever (high temperature) then please contact a doctor urgently as these may be signs of a kidney infection. Cystitis treatment is very straightforward and involves a few days of antibiotics.

tapGP is an online GP service that can discuss your symptoms with you and provide a prescription for antibiotics if this is appropriate. There are several different types of antibiotics that can be used in cystitis treatment but the most common are nitrofurantoin and trimethoprim. Some situations, such as medication allergies or pregnancy might change which antibiotics you are able to take.

The online GP will discuss this with you to ensure you are prescribed the safest antibiotic for you. Being an online doctor, tapGP can offer online GP appointments wherever you are that are convenient for you to fit into your schedule. tapGP allows you to see a private doctor, without having to deregister with your own GP. tapGP allows you to see an online GP if you are unable to see your own GP or the waiting times are too long with your own doctor. tapGP can work in conjunction with your own GP to provide you with healthcare, advice and treatment when you need it.

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